Minting a Human / Animal NFT

Our Innovative Drop Strategy

The Sellout Strategy

What are the benefits?

This staggered drop strategy ensures we sellout, reduces gas wars & supply shock and massively increases available capital to run marketing campaigns prior to all NFT being minted.

Why does that matter to me?

There will always be new buyers for your Waifu House NFT & you’ll pay less gas fees to mint one.

How can you be so sure?

Fundamentals! The sellout drop strategy ensures there will always be more buyers than sellers. Waifu Houses’s large budget marketing campaigns will reliably grow our community, increasing second hand buying pressure while reducing sell pressure in anticipation of higher mint prices in Drop 2 & 3

How does it work?

3 Phase Dutch Auction Drop
Dutch Auctions 2 and 3 start 50% above Open Sea floor price and end at current Open Sea floor price.

Waifu NFT Tokens

NFT Supply

Max Mint 9,999 WAIFU
Pre-mint for giveaways 33 WAIFU
Team lock up until sold out 100 WAIFU
Team lock up until Feb 1st/td> 400 WAIFU


350 Human/Animal 0.09 ETH
100 Elves 0.2 ETH
50 Demons 0.3 ETH
Public Sale TBD by Opensea floor
Waifu Types